We provide international and customized solutions
in all major sectors and prominent industries.

We are a global strategic development and consulting firm with the goal of digitally
transforming people, organizations and the world through corporate leadership.
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Our Services

Executive & talent search

At Voyer International we adapt our services to the needs and requirements of our clients. To do this, we carry out a diagnosis of the organization, its culture, its values ​​and its human resources strategy.

Talent Crowd

At Voyer International we have international support to carry out any search throughout the globe.

Digital division

Voyer International, in alliance with Needed, is made up of a team of renowned professionals in digital and internet business.

assessment division

At Voyer International we have tools designed and developed by our team of psychologists and responsible business partners. Our processes are developed in a strict framework based on ethical principles that guarantee absolute respect for people and their privacy.

Change Management

At Voyer International we have professional experience in the field of digital native companies and companies that are in the process of digital evolution.

Coaching & mentoring

At Voyer International we have expert Coaches to be able to accompany people in each of the work stages of their professional career.

corporate governance

At Voyer International we develop our own tools with the aim of accompanying managers in their effective operation. We also collaborate in the search for new members. 

Interin manager

At Voyer international we have Interin Manager solutions with the aim of providing a temporary collaboration to your company to solve temporary needs of the organization.

Start the process of
your digital evolution


Executive search

Talent detection outside and inside organizations

Talent selection

Selection of human resources and corporate support

Know how & expertise

Advice and strategic consulting in various industries

Customized services

Development and design of international standard solutions
achieve by local consultants in each of the countries we operate

Connecting you to
the future, right now!


team players

Development and management of teams with Soft & Digital Skills.

global networking

We have a network of consultants with international standards throughout the globe.

disruptive candidates

Global candidates with technical and digital knowledge in all prominent industries.

disruptive companies

We count with a portfolio of clients and leading strategic partners in different industries.


«Tend to the people, and they will tend to the business.» John Maxwell

"Voyer International is one of our strategic work partners and pillars when hiring executives. The synergy that the team proposes is unique and very practical when it comes to implementing human resources practices, since we consider the human factor as the key in determining our competitive advantages."  

Erwin Saavedra Iturbide

Country Manager, iMed Orphan | México

"I was fortunate to meet Voyer International not as just another Consultant in the market but as a Partner of our role as leaders in Human Capital."

Dr. Rodolfo Bettinsoli

Senior Parter - Presidente, Cía. de Ing. Obras y Mantenimiento MTBT

"The most distinctive thing about Voyer International is the strong relationship of its partners with the main executives of the most important companies in the countries where they carry out activities."

Ernesto Rona

Senior Consultant, RRHH, RRLL & Organization Affairs

"I recognize Voyer International, in all these years, for its trajectory and foundational impact on Talent management throughout the entire region."

Marcelo Fumasoni

Principal - President, HR Head Latin America | Microsoft

"The person, always the person. From the first experience with Voyer International I felt the difference, they achieve results by highlighting the individual. This results in immediate and lasting added value."

Martin Boquete

Partner, Sócio | Toribio Achaval